Zone 26 Pony Club ODE

2014 Zone 26 ODE (Finished)
Dressage Tests are   E & D Grade are 1.1 C Grade 1.2 B Grade 1.3 A Grade 2.1 as per PCNSW State requirements  
A great day of Jumping and Cross Country. The event will start with E Grade Cross Country followed by D, C B & A. Riders will then complete a showjumping course which will start about..
Zone 26 Equitation & Showjumping Championships (Finished)
Saturday 12th  2014 We will run 1 round of Equitation and then a AM7 and an Accumulator to follow. Height Order of the day will depend on numbers, Equitation will be first in both ri..
Zone 26 Equitation & Showjumping Championships (Finished)
Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th April 2014 Cnr Old Stock Route Rd and Wolseley Rd Oakville Time:              8:30am start, wa..
Jamboree 2012 (Finished)
Jamboree 2013 (Finished)
2013 Zone 26 ODE (Finished)
Zone 26 ODE (Finished)
Entries are OPEN OPEN to ALL Pony Club Members Huge THANK YOU to ELF Mushrooms for supplying compost to improve our tracks. "NEW FENCES" Sunday 12th August 2012 To be held a..